Unapologetically obsessed with sound

Making sound art with a metal staircase. Designing a voice sound like its from the 1920s radio program. Recording birdsong on a Nagra reel to reel recorder. Learning how to fly PA systems. Programming intercom systems. Collecting terabytes of sounds effects. Hosting a weekly radio show.

I don't ever stop in audio and applying myself to this facinating world. Just ask me about it!


Besançon, FRANCE
Worldwide in practice
From Malaysia to Dubai to Mexico City


Getting involved

Here are the various groups I am an active member in...

Besançon makerspace specializing in Sound Art and interactive exhibitions

Hosting a weekly radio show
Bust yo' Brass

Local association for supporting local musicians

French association for sound in motion picture

French nature and wildlife recording association

Worldwide wildlife sound recording association

French sound designers group for videogames