April 2nd 2024 - Its VLOGing time. A DFC journey...Day 1

So I decided to start a VLOG of this job of epic proportions to share with the world my journey, full of mistakes and successes, happiness and sadness. Eitherway, I will come out of it all for the better, I know it!

Right now I am keeping it super simple. No editing, just taking a video when I feel like speaking. So here are 6 raw clips taken as they happened from my phone. My main task at hand is working on the table, not this VLOG, but it keeps me entertained as I work by myself.

I hope you enjoy taking this journey with me.


Day 1's task at hand

Technical Tips - Aligning screw holes

Somethings you can't teach

It's not easy ya'll

Day 1 Finished!

April 1st 2024 - Foolish indeed!

So I have gotten myself into some mischievous trouble. I decided to throw myself into a rediculous project of picking up an AMS Neve DFC  Gemini mixing surface. Do I have the space for it? Not really. Does it work? Untested. Did I really have the money for its rediculously low price tag? Nopers. But we sometimes throw ourselves to the wind and see where it takes us. I have kind of been like that recently, so might as well keep on cruisng on the air current and enjoying where it takes me.

March 28th 2024 - Banging around

This week was the kick off of the Festival d'autres formes which I have quite a few projects/participation efforts in. You can see this in last weeks blog entry for the show 'Insectasia' which takes place on the 6th and 7th of April.

I installed myself in the main stairwell of La Rodia, and set off many motors using the Grasshopper system we developed within 3615. you can find more information about it here :

Overall, it was quite an endurance race because I had less then 24 hours to work with the space, install and create something that sounded interesting. In the 20 hours I had to prepare for the show, I spent 15 hours there working on it, searching more motors and materials and trying out new techniques.

I look forward to the 6th and 7th when I get to do the same type of install, but on a trail in Besancon, where I will have a bit more time and availability to the space, so long at the weather allows!

March 19th 2024 - Working out some bugs

I had the chance to visit the Citadelle here in Besancon to work on a local sound project for the d'autres Formes festival with my fellow association members of 3615. There inside a real life fortress built on a hilltop sandwiched between the river Doubs is one of the largest insectariums in Europe and around the world. We were greeted by local staff, shown around the space and then given amazing freedom to record and explore the space. I am truely greatful to the team there and hope to help them in the future for their needs should they ever have any!

March 11th 2024 - Upcoming projects

Hello world,

Its 2024 and we are kicking off the first half of the year with a bang!

Three sound exhibitions : 

Combine that with other broadcasting opportunities popping up and 2024 sound life is looking on the up and up!